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Internship Program

Advantages to Seeing a Counseling Student Intern

Fresh Perspectives & Enthusiasm

  • Interns are often enthusiastic, motivated, and eager to apply their knowledge.

  • They may bring new and innovative approaches to therapy, incorporating the latest research and techniques.


Supervised Learning

  • Student interns work under the supervision of experienced licensed professionals. This means your child's therapy is guided and overseen by someone with significant expertise.


Up-to-Date Training

  • Interns are typically receiving the latest training and education in counseling techniques, theories, and evidence-based practices.


Lower Costs

  • Services provided by interns may be more affordable than those of licensed professionals. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals or families with financial constraints.


Increased Availability

  • Interns often have more flexible schedules, allowing for more convenient appointment times.


Cultural Competence & Diversity

  • Interns may be more attuned to and culturally sensitive about diverse backgrounds, as they are often exposed to recent discussions and perspectives in their training.


Collaborative Approach

  • Interns are generally open to collaboration and feedback. This means that there may be a higher level of engagement with the client and their family in the therapeutic process.


Eagerness to Learn & Adapt

  • Interns are often open to feedback and learning from their clients, adapting their approach based on the individual needs of each child.


Emphasis on Client Empowerment

  • Interns may be more focused on empowering clients to take an active role in their therapeutic journey.


Personalized Attention

  • Interns may have smaller caseloads, allowing for more personalized attention and time devoted to each client.



$45 Administrative Fee per Session
Insurance cannot be billed when seeing a student counseling intern. 

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